Taste For Sweets – May 2014

Taste for Sweets is a semi-newish sweets box specifically catering to international flavors.

photo 1(3)

Taste For Sweets
– 16$ per month – FREE SHIPPING!
Ships early in the month, arrives in around 5 days.

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Stay with me on this. I admit, I’ve had this sitting around my drafts for the better part of a week. This box did not come with an info card and absolutely nothing was in English so I’m guessing based on the small info sheet that was later e-mailed to subscribers without photos. Oof this is going to be rough. Feel free to correct me if I get something wrong.

photo 2(6)

Bon O Bon – Brazil
Peanut Cream Wafer filled Milk Chocolate Bon Bon
Technically this sounds amazing right? Personally I didn’t care for it. The peanut butter was horribly gritty. The chocolate was smooth but it lacked that creaminess we come to expect from milk chocolate. This missed on all fronts.

photo 1(6)

Roshen Mont Blanc – Ukraine
Two chocolates with chopped hazelnuts
There is very little hazelnut flavor despite clearly seeing the hazelnut pieces in the candy. The two chocolates are white and dark, the white being exceptionally creamy. That packaging tho, that’s gorgeous. It looked more like a torpedo with rice krispies.

photo 2(5)

Ptichye Moloko – Kazakhstan
Chocolate covered Vanilla souffle’
This looks exactly like coconut but it’s clearly vanilla, quite pleasant, but the chocolate is very dark and very unsweetened. It’s a play on “bitter and sweet,” which they do quite well. It’s not bad, but the bitter is very off putting at times.

photo 2

Turron Supercoco – Colombia
All natural coconut hard candy
Yup that’s coconut all right. >_>

photo 3(3)

Dushes Candy – Belarus
Pear flavored hard candy
I personally don’t like pears but the flavor of this is very, very subtle, and it melts pretty evenly. The taste doesn’t linger but it’s a nice little hard candy anyway. Probably my favorite item in the box, to be honest.

photo 3(5)

Ulker Dankek – Turkey
Chocolate orange sauce filled cocoa vanilla cake
This is overwhelmingly banana flavored with a banana clearly on the package, but the info card insists it is orange? I think that’s probably a typo. This is made of two different cakes, one is a darker cake with a chocolate cream and the other side is a lighter cake with banana/vanilla cream. It’s a creative looking cake, but way too overpowering.

photo 5(3)

Strawberry Cream Cake – Japan
Soft and delightful strawberry cream cake
This was like a strawberry filled twinkie. The spongecake part of the cake was really delightful and the strawberry was very subtle. It almost had the consistency of mochi.

photo 4(4)

Dobryanka – Turkey
Delicious chocolate dessert with cream filling hazelnut
This is a very pretty little dessert. You know those Reese eggs you can get at Easter? This looks like that except coated in hazelnuts. It has the best chocolate of any item in the box, but the hazelnut cream leans far too much toward the hazelnut side. I’d buy these to set out at parties.

photo 4(2)

‘Squirrel’ Hard Candy – Ukraine
Hard candy with a nut in the middle
This is another candy that does not benefit from having ridiculously bitter chocolate around it. This looks a LOT like those candies you get in like, the big boxes of Russel Stover or Whitmans. You know the ones, they have no info on them so you press it to see if it’s solid or jelly. This is solid, and teeth shattering if you didn’t know there was a nut in it.

photo 5(4)

‘Cup of Milk’ – Ukraine
Individually wrapped soft caramel with milk filling
This was chewy. Just, chewy. I have a great dislike for the whole “milk flavored,” anything too (Japan has a love affair with this flavor), and this is much more of a pop of sweet cream flavor. Can’t say I’m a fan.

photo 4(5)
Miezanka Krakowska – Poland
Chocolate covered sweet jelly candy
This is the one candy in the box that the VERY BITTER dark chocolate just RUINS. It’s like you’re eating chocolate covered jello. The jelly part was a delicious lemon flavor but that dark chocolate was horrific.

photo 1(5)

Shipuchka Roshen – Ukraine
Hard candies with fizzy fruit flavors
The hard candy part of this was actually pretty decent. I got lemon, and it had a nice lemon flavor. Then, then I hit the fizzy center. It was… fizzy but omg it was SOUR. Horribly sour, like someone was stabbing every single taste bud with a rusty pitchfork.

photo 1

Tiramisu Caramel Truffle – Russia
Traditional sweet tiramisu caramel flavored truffle
This was actually not bad. It looks like it’s rolled in cocoa powder but it’s actually pretty tasteless. The candy itself tastes more like coffee than anything, which I guess is pretty traditional of a Tiramisu.


Zephyr Souffle – Russia
French Zephyr Souffle covered in chocolate
This sure is pretty. It tastes like marshmallow. Remember Mallomars? Think those but with strawberry.

Overall this isn’t a bad box and it certainly isn’t a bad subscription. You really need an open mind for this kind of stuff, as some of the flavors can be weird as hell. It is an excellent way to get a taste for items you probably wouldn’t buy and most likely won’t see anywhere else except at international food markets or going to the country itself. For $16 a month you do get a lot of product, and these snacks will last awhile. Taste for Sweets also has a neat little feature where you can request an item from a previous box that you loved, and if they have that product in stock, they’ll send it in your next box for free.

Taste for Sweets doesn’t seem like a very popular box yet anyway, most likely because it just debuted this past February. My only suggestion is that maybe they send a info card with the actual box instead of sending it in an e-mail attachment. Use coupon code “LAUNCH10OFF” to get a discount when signing up.


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