Your Glam Rooms are Live! + other goodies of the day

Your Ipsy Glam Rooms are live as of this morning! Not too sure how I feel about this bag, I managed to get a lot of skin care stuff this time. The bag itself is really adorable though.

Your Birchboxes should have also updated or at least shipped. Some people got theirs VERY early this month. I’m getting a bunch of hair care, as if I didn’t have a ton of that laying around…


Orange Glad is shipping today and Lip Factory should be shipping this week. There’s a few days left to get in on Lip Factory ($22) if interested. They’re a makeup bag similar to Ipsy but it’s all full size actual makeup products. With Ipsy it varies, sometimes you’ll get all makeup items and sometimes you’ll get oddities. Ipsy goes by a style profile, sending out a variety of different bags. Lip Factory sends the same box per month, just with color variations. If you recently ordered the discounted Haute Look Beauty Bag, it’ll be shipping by next week.

Be aware that with both Ipsy (1-3 mo) and Birchbox there is a wait list. For $10 a month, it’s pretty worth it. Birchbox always takes 45 years to get to me and last month I got some poor soul in Massachusetts shipping info, so it’s hit and miss. You can get off Ipsy’s waitlist by advertising on facebook.


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