The Cravory – May Taster Box

Ohhhh no. This review is gonna get dangerous.




The Cravory
$16 a month – FREE SHIPPING!

Ships within two days of ordering, arrives within three days.

The Cravory is a bakery (cookiery?) in California that has gained immense popularity lately to the point where they’ve opened their first store. They offer a few subscription options per month but the Teaser Box (16$) is a good starting point. The Teaser box varies by month and will introduce six new flavors! I was surprised at how fast these shipped to be honest. they held up surprisingly well too considering my box looked like it had been beaten with a ball bat.


Macadamia Mocha
One thing you’ll notice about these cookies is that they’re A: Ridiculously heavy, and B: made with no filler products. They’re literally as if you made them in your own kitchen. Macadamia Mocha does have a serious coffee flavor but in an excellent way. It’s very soft, very chewy and full of macadamia goodness.


Caramel Pecan Pie
It looks like an itty bitty pie! It tastes a lot like a regular pecan pie just covered in salted caramel, which in this case is an excellent thing. These feel like they’d make excellent party favors. A couple of the cookies this month were “Pie” shaped and themed!


Apple Pie
The caramel sauce on top melted a bit but that’s to be expected considering WV has hit 90 degrees consecutively for days now, and considering that this box probably sat in the mail truck about 4 hours before finally getting to me. There’s just one word to describe this cookie/pie hybrid: Perfection. This reminded me so much of fall.


Key Lime Tart
Finally a “Key Lime” item that tastes like lime! It’s SO GOOD. Also another one of their cookie/pie hybrids.


Red Red Wine
I haven’t had wine so I couldn’t exactly tell you if it tastes like that, but it does taste like cherries dipped in salted caramel. Basically it tastes amazing. I wonder what the alcohol content is on these things. This seems like a really high-end dessert cookie, like one you’d find at a wedding or the oscars or something.


Raspberry White Chocolate Truffle
This one got a little smooshed in transit, but that’s to be expected. The cookie itself tastes SO much like a red velvet cake, then it has a huge pop of raspberry pretty much outta no where. This thing melts very quickly and has the consistency of a cake rather than a cookie. It was my favorite of the bunch though.

This month The Cravory seemed to lean toward hybrids instead of traditional cookie creations, which new things are always great to try in the cookie world. A good chunk of these cookies reminded me a lot of various holidays, I guess cause they contain traditional holiday ingredients. Now I can’t wait for fall so I can make apple pies.

Classic Texture:
Red Red Wine
Macadamia Mocha

Pie Hybrids:
Key Lime Tart
Apple Pie
Caramel Pecan Pie

Identity Crisis Cookies:
White Chocolate Raspberry

I highly recommend The Cravory. The price is on point with cookies you will not find anywhere else, and these cookies aren’t thin little crisps either, they’re big chunky cookies. I think the total weight on my box was about 3lbs, so 3lbs for 6 total cookies is pretty darn good. Now if only we can get The Crispery to start a subscription box we’d be set….


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