Allure Summer Beauty Box Review

Before we begin I’d like to take the time to apologize for the cropping on some of these photos. I noticed after the shoot that there was a large statue in the background that may offend some readers. In an effort to be neutral to all parties I’ve cropped the photos accordingly. If you’d like me to retake the photos or give close ups, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would have redone the shoot entirely, but I’ve already given away several of the items. On to the review!




Allure Beauty Box – Summer Edition

Cost: $55.95 (Varies by box though)

These boxes only come out a few times a year, typically Summer and then Fall/Winter/Holiday. They’re full of products essential to the season, and many products are unreleased or brannnnnd new. This is one of the most highly coveted boxes of the year too, because they sell out within minutes. I ordered this in April and it took two weeks to arrive, 3 days once it finally shipped. There was a lot of junk that happened with these boxes too, read here and here to check it out if you feel so inclined.

This box contained 25 different products, 9 of which are hair care, 2 of which are hairsprays.


Softsoap SEA KISSED Exfoliating Body Wash

The ‘new’ on this product seems to mean ‘new packaging,’ as a similar version already exists on Amazon. This smells so much like .. well, the ocean. I haven’t tested it yet but if it’s anything like traditional Softsoap usually is, you usually end up using 400% more product than you mean to simply by sheer force.

Dove Nutrium Moisture Purely Pampering Body Wash in Pistachio Cream and Magnolia

This is the stuff good perfumes are made of. If Dove ever decides to do a perfume, please make it be this scent. I can’t speak as to the formula as I am a Bath and Body Works loyalist, but if it’s anything like traditional Dove, it’s texture and usage are 1500% different from Softsoap. This sucker was easily the heaviest thing in the box too. It’s technically a new release since it just debuted this past March.


Developlus Anti-Aging Hair System

This is admittedly one of the reasons why I got this box. My mom is going through this random phase where she’s suddenly wanting to be radical about her hair. She’s had the same hairstyle for some 40 years. She finally stopped giving a flying heck and went full gray about 5 years ago. Since then she’s gotten the ends of her hair frosted, she went full blonde, she went full Beethoven, and I’ve noticed her hair is thinning quite significantly. I finally just handed her this. This item doesn’t appear to be on Amazon yet but it is on Walgreens, since with the way I take photos no one could possibly read anything on that box without severe eye strain.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

I admittedly wasn’t sure what these were when I first grabbed them out of the box. They ended up being make up remover cloths, but I’m noticing that you have to literally scrub the ever loving heck outta your face to get the make up to come off. Either these are meant to be very gradual or Too Faced just makes a mascara that’s like a bad ex-boyfriend.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face and Body Stick

3 Points if you can figure out the reason why people went all “wtf is this” when it was announced. This is a sunscreen that is unfortunately made to look like a deodorant dispenser. Do you want to rub a deodorant stick all over your face? (Upon further inspection, I clearly don’t buy sunscreen that often as these style of dispensers are quite common. Beeju Bad.)


One ‘n Only Argan Oil Cream-to-Serum Styler

I’m not sure what to say about this as I personally don’t use hair treatments like this. My hair is not naturally oily, so when I add products like this, it looks like I just bathed in canola oil. It smells quite good and the reviews are pretty darn great so here’s hoping someone gets some use out of it. They sell this in Sally Beauty Supply stores by the droves, and when I was there last week they were literally walking off the shelves, so I’m guessing these are pretty darn decent. The “one ‘n only” company also makes this same product in a variety of different formulas and applicators.


IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream

This makes me a sad panda. There was no ability to choose colors on this, so everyone got the shade “Medium,” which is just dark enough to turn me a completely different race. It tends to be very thick and goopy, which is a consistency I shy away from because it just invites cake face. I’m sure it’s a wonderful product, and I would have loved it had it been a shade I could use, but until then, props on the packaging.


Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color – Sparks Fly & Top Coat

I was very surprised to get a sparkly glitterbomb considering a lot of the other reviewers I browsed got full colors. I wish I had nails with which to enjoy this, though. 😦


Big Sexy Hair – Get Layered

I’m incredibly picky about my hairspray choices but I’ve always wanted to try this brand. The ‘new’ part of this item is the Flash Dry Technology which essentially makes it so it dries the instant it hits your hair. It’s supposed to add volume too.


Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick – Soft Raspberry

This product was released this past January so it isn’t exactly ‘new.’ Neutrogena cosmetics tend to be very hit and miss for me. It’s a perfectly lovely lip item, about mid-tier. There are better options out there but this isn’t terrible.

CARGO Long Wear Lip Gloss – Tuscany

There’s a Fancy box making the rounds with this same gloss so there’s a high chance someone will get a duplicate. I hadn’t heard of CARGO cosmetics before being introduced to Little Black Bag. This goes on pretty sheer, I honestly wouldn’t say it’s much of a gloss and more of a shine. It’s not sticky but it is quite glittery. I personally didn’t like the feel of it, but I tend to stray from lip glosses anyway. CARGO describes this color as a “shimmery rose,” and I’d say that’s slightly inaccurate. It’s more of a clear with fine glitter added.


RUSK Freezing Spray

Aloxxi style Flexible Spray

I’m honestly not sure of the difference (or if there is one) between both of these, they seem to do the same thing. They’re both hairsprays, they’re both humidity defying, they’re both non-sticky, and they’re both fast drying. I did keep the RUSK for myself but I rarely ever use hairspray. I didn’t know that humidity resistant hairspray was a thing, but I will be trying this during the upcoming Summer when my hair frizzes out. I didn’t keep the white can. They both have similar reviews and price. (Note: People tell me Rusk is an extreme hold while Aloxxi is more tame)


FLOWER Nail’d It Lacquer

They sell this at Walmart and other low end beauty retailers. Drew Barrymore is advertising it (kinda like how Heidi Klum advertises Clear shampoo, which I love). This shade doesn’t appear to be listed on their website yet, but it’s a lilac with very fine speckles of blue glitter which you cannot see because of horrible photography. It has near perfect reviews on Walmart yet so-so reviews everywhere else so I guess this must be somewhat decent.


NOT YOUR MOTHERS Intensive Hair Unit Renewal Treatment

This is a product meant to moisturize dry hair and tame massive frizz, and it gets moderate reviews. I did keep this one for myself  for the sake of trying, because I do like anti-frizz treatments that aren’t exactly like oil (this has the consistency of conditioner). The smell isn’t wonderful and the bottle is adorable. I’ve heard generally good things about this company altogether so here’s hoping this actually works. (Beeju Note: OH GAAAAAAWD IT’S MAGIC)


Tan Towel

The last tan I tried to get made me look jaundiced, so these won’t be getting used.


Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide

If you like mint, you’ll like this, because omgoodness it is like putting an entire package of icebreakers in your mouth at once and letting them dissolve. It is very whitening though, even through two meals it still retained that weird glossy glow so that’s good. About a third of the tube itself is air though.


Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara

I have a confession: I used to love Rimmel London products. I used them religiously. However since being exposed to Too Faced I can safely say I’ll never go back. I used to love their mascara but I think they’ve changed the formula recently, because anytime I’d wear it, it irritated my eyes. These mascara’s make a lot of promises they can’t keep, but this is subjective as all eyelashes are different. I want mine to be ridiculously long but they end up being itty bitty stubs that look like a three year old did them because I can never do either of them the same way.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

Tarte is another brand that’s fairly highly revered, and with this mascara it’s easy to see why. It lengthens, and adds pretty moderate volume. Doesn’t flake, no spider lashes. It reminds me a lot of NYX’s doll eye. I have two qualms with this. It doesn’t add very much volume, and it doesn’t last long, which were the exact same issues I had with NYX. I love the tube though, it’s design is really nice. 😀


GK Hair Thermal Styler

This is a heat activated styling cream. I wonder if you added it before the Oscar Blandi if they cancel each other out. I personally probably won’t use this because my hair isn’t oily and this may make it so.

Burt’s Bees Brightening Even-Tone Moisturizing Cream

This had an odor that wasn’t pleasant, and I personally hated the texture so I gave this away. Burt’s Bees gets excellent reviews for being fairly natural, and I personally like their lip balms. I’m not sure this cream would have worked for me even if I had given it a proper chance.


Redken Mess Around 10 Disrupting Cream

Whoops Beeju wasn’t a good little blogger and missed this. Hah. This is another product I can’t use, as my hair isn’t short and this acts like it will add all sorts of interesting texture. I’ve passed this on to a family member who has very short hair, so hopefully she can get some use out of it.


All in all, I paid close to $60 for this and got around $350 in stuff, most of which I’ll use and the rest I’ll gift. The next box will be out in a few months so here’s hoping we get it!


Edit: I don’t know what the heck happened to the formatting but that should have fixed it. My bad.
Edit 2: I don’t know what I was on when I wrote this but it had like 42 spelling and grammatical errors, not to mention that I missed a product. Good golly.

6 thoughts on “Allure Summer Beauty Box Review

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  2. ummm now i want to see the statue! the best way to grow your nails is honestly to keep them painted. so unless you really have no fingernails, you should polish them!


    • haha the statue was Christianity related, which is a perfectly fine statue but I know people can have hang ups about that stuff. I picked a bad spot to take those photos lol

      Painting them is a good idea, I could do like clear or something really subtle. They’re like stubs because I’m a compulsive nail biter, nervous habit.


  3. Hey! Thanks for the post. I was able to snag a box too and agreed with your post about the dramatic folks who were swearing to shun Allure forever (etc etc). And, no I’m not just saying that because I got one. When I attempted to the first time, I tried relentlessly but as I was about to give up I thought, well that’s ok, better luck next time. I was Allure FB page and it was like pitchforks galore! Lol.
    Anyway, for the CC cream maybe you can consider mixing with your regular moisturizer. That’s what I did and the application was easy and blended well into my light-medium skin.


    • That facebook page was crazy, I admit it was incredibly entertaining too though lol. I got really lucky getting the box in the first round, so I do kinda understand all the upset since the page simply wouldn’t load for some people, but organizing an angry mob to boycott the entire brand was a bit much lol

      I didn’t think of blending it, that might actually make it work! My skin is really really light and the CC cream was so dark it looked like I colored my skin with a highlighter. Hopefully it’ll work now, thanks! 😀


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