Little Black Bag – The Final Haul May 2014

Little Black Bag is no more. Pose has taken over and while the concept of LBB hasn’t changed much, the website, the design and the prices certainly have. There is still trading going on but the community isn’t nearly as active as it was. There’s also no chat (there’s a sorta pseudo-chat that still exists but it will be gone soon too), which makes trading much more difficult. All former LBB members were given $15.00 credits to try out Pose, but the prices of all those heavily discounted items once featured on LBB have risen, many very dramatically. Once you calculate shipping there’s just no way not to spent extra money in addition to the credit. They have added new items, so there’s that.



I’m gonna miss that box. No tears Beth, your wallet thanks you.


I was admittedly scared when I first got the tracking on this box (which took a week to get here, THANKS TO FEDEX’S LOVE OF GROVE CITY OHIO), but it showed the dimensions of the box were quite large as well as the weight. Considering I only fought viciously for 9 total items, I held out hope that perhaps, just perhaps, they would all show up. Since my guest reviewer didn’t get her aviators, that certainly didn’t help the paranoia. Since LBB was switching to Pose, and LBB announced their customer service would be largely unavailable, I wept silently until this box arrived today. I am happy to report that all is present and accounted for.


It’s no secret that I have a love affair with Pink Cosmo and Deux Lux (SPAAAARKLY!). I lucked out and snagged one of the very last Ivanka Trump’s for around 25$, and traded around until I got exactly what I wanted. Well sorta, some people just were not giving in. I also snagged the mesh tote once it became available, and I had my eye on the gold one but it sold out and I wasn’t feeling too friendly when it came to the numerous trade offers on that sucker.

pinkcosmomesh pinkcosmomeshin

PINK COSMO Silver Mesh Tote – Retail Value: $99

This no longer exists on the Pose website. It’s a good size bag but holy mojito it smells HORRIBLE. My guess is it’s actual leather, so I hope airing it out for a few days fixes that. I read a post about a bag a woman bought from LBB that had mold growing on the strap, so here’s hoping I find nothing in my extensive search. The back of the back has a zipper pocket and the mesh is only on the front. I didn’t take a great interior shot, the smell was like “HELLO FRIENDS HERE I AM” strong.

hairties hairtiesopen

NAZNAZ Hair Ties – Retail Value $18

This is another one of those age-old questions, why the heck are these 18$? I’ve been using the chevron one I got in my last bag but apparently I have so much hair that I’ve almost stretched it completely out. Is it cute though? Absolutely. Do I have any regrets? Nope! Would I have paid full price for these? Also nope!



Loungefly Hello Kitty iPhone 5 Case – Retail Value: $30

I’m guessing on the value since LBB doesn’t have this in stock, but Loungefly stuff tends to run on the expensive end anyway so I bet I’m not far off. Anyone that knows me knows that I am the biggest hello kitty whore ever, but I do have to show a lot of restraint because if I don’t, there’s a high chance I’ll go way out of my projected demographic. I also have a love affair with iPhone cases (my current one is also Hello Kitty), but I normally prefer the wallet ones because A. It keeps the phone from getting scratched without having to use a protector, and B. I usually just haul my license around in my phone case because sometimes bags are just too bulky. I’m a complicated woman, I know.


Deux Lux Gigi Coin Pouch – Retail Value $27

There’s a couple questions I have about this coin pouch.

1. Why is is $27 when it’s solid glitter splattered brethren are $31? Did I get the red headed step child of the bunch? Why is the weight of the charm and the zipper pull enough to be used as a door stop or medieval weaponry? I can’t remember what I traded for this but I am happy regardless, I did need a coin pouch. I managed to buy a wallet so horrifically complicated that if you put one penny in it, it completely forgets how to close itself, and being the lazy hobo I am I refused to return it for an actual functioning wallet. I had been throwing my change in the bottom of my bag like a normal person but now that I have a coin bag heavier than my handbag itself, I have choices! Yay!

A little unrelated but I also love the nylon bags the Deux Lux stuff comes in. They’re incredibly useful.



Lolita Jewelry Stone Disk Drop Pendant – Retail Value $25

Shortly after I received my previous LBB, I made a grim discovery. I couldn’t wear any of the jewelry because my wrists are so large. Originally I had two ETTIKA bracelets in my bag, including one that was brave enough to claim it would fit my gargantuan wrists, but I pawned them off on some poor unsuspecting soul and obtained the above. This necklace was fairly coveted previously because it’s apparently made of real hematite, and was one of the few pieces of its kind on LBB. It’s chunky but I loved it for its design. I’m pleased to see that Lolita Jewelry’s molds seem to have improved compared to the previous necklace I received.


deuxluxinner deuxluxipad

Deux Lux Resort Glitter iPad Sleeve – Retail Value: $62
Note: The link leads to the pink version. Blue is no longer available.
*Cat nose not included.

This was another item I coveted but I couldn’t get anyone to willingly trade with me. I tried a ton of different offers on every single color they had until someone finally had mercy on me and threw me the pink, which I then immediately traded for the blue. Did anyone know it had a green zipper? I had no idea.

I also don’t own an iPad and despite my bestie telling me “You won’t use it,” I got it because GLITTER. It too, has a horrific odor but it also contains about 32 silica packs so I’m hoping it has something to do with that.


pinkcosmolace pinkcosmolacein

Pink Cosmo Lace Clutch with incredibly blurry photos – Retail Value $55

When this randomly popped up on LBB during one of their “Oh we found something hidden in the depths of the abyss that is our office,” postings, I immediately threw anything I had at this trying to get it. Unfortunately there was only one left. Fortunately, the person who owned it apparently didn’t want it or my trade was super-duper convincing, but I got it, and I held onto that item for dear life. It took me a full 4 minutes to figure out how to open the silly thing though. This came in a cardboard box too, probably to protect the clutch itself. It’s wrapped in plastic I have yet to remove. The pattern on it also matches my bridesmaid dress perfectly! yay! Inside that little plastic baggie is the incredibly long chain.


kennethcole kennethcolein

Kenneth Cole REACTION 3 Compartment Cosmetic Bag – Retail Value: $39
Note: Link leads to blue, red’s gone and in my greedy little hands.

This was the NEATEST bag ever when I opened it. I knew it had ‘3 compartments,’ but I didn’t know that it folded out this way or that the compartments themselves were so large. Ima start using this immediately. This is honestly one bag I would pay the full price for if I saw it in the store, that’s how well made and accurately priced this item is. If you need a makeup bag (like I did for all two of my makeup items), I suggest trying to get it. According to Pose there’s 1 left, so go for it!


This wasn’t too bad for my final haul at LBB. My total Retail Value was $373 and I spent a little over $100 for all of it. I did quite of bit of “trading down,” because one of my openers was the Ivanka bag and the Pink Cosmo Mesh above, but I am incredibly pleased with everything I got.  I did buy one item from Pose which was incidentally, another makeup bag, and I’m just waiting on some trades to go through. I will miss LBB though. I was only involved in it for a very short time but it was a nice experience while it lasted. I managed to get some Christmas gifts and a few little things for myself.



What did you get in your hauls? Tell me or link me below!


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