Allure Beauty Box Round 2

Welp that went fast.

I managed to get the box the first round by some stroke of luck, but this round was a no go (for the record, I wasn’t trying). The boxes sold out in about 11 minutes and many, many people failed to get them due to the same issues as last week, the page simply wouldn’t load.

If a browser can’t properly connect to a website, it won’t. It’s not a matter of “Allure picked and chose who they wanted to get a box,” it’s a matter of your browser choosing when it can connect to the server. If a server is overloaded it simply won’t show a page, and when enough people stop trying, it frees up enough temporary space to show said page to another user. When too many people try to access the same page it can send that page down (think DDOS attack). The listing for the box itself and the database that housed all the payment information did not seem to be connected on the same server (my theory is it’s two different servers connected together that don’t share bandwidth), which is why some people got their boxes last week by using the order form page rather than the /beauty box or /summer page. People were flooding those sites sending them down, but the order page worked fine for a brief moment.

To put it simply, some people got lucky.

Those that weren’t are proposing a massive boycott of Allure’s magazine.

Do I think that Allure handled the distribution of the beautybox appropriately? Not exactly. Thanks to beauty bloggers this box has become one of the premier must have boxes of the year, mostly because the value is absolutely spectacular for what you get. IT specialists know how to handle this stuff. At the same time, making another large expense as far as server fees go for one sale that lasts around 10 minutes isn’t much of a justifiable cost.  Another problem is the fact they had something around 7,000 boxes available and sold over 5,000 the first go around (I say that because my own number was in the 5400’s) plus the prepurchase open to a select few, so there simply wasn’t that many available to begin with once the redo sale hit.

Do I think that boycotting Allure’s magazine and services is detrimental to how they handle these boxes in the future? Absolutely not. The fact is that these are incredibly popular boxes, Allure knows that and can capitalize on it. More people want the boxes than want to cancel their magazine subscriptions. Magazines is only one service that Allure offers, and to be blunt, they’re probably getting more new subscribers than unhappy customers at the same time. Yes there is strength in numbers but blatantly saying you’ll be cancelling your subscription isn’t going to do jack. Calling the box itself a scam just because so-and-so didn’t get one is a fallacy. Fact is, they’ll probably be back for the Fall box this August, trying again and making the same threats when that site inevitably blanks for the same reason.

Do I think that buying multiple boxes for the sole purpose of capitalizing on it by selling it on eBay is fair? Not really. The fact is that it’s not an illegal practice. Morally I think it’s wrong since so many people were having such a difficult time getting the box, but if you were lucky enough to get one, let alone two, go for it.

It may not help, but allure does sorta have its own monthly pseudo-subscription box called Sample Society for $15 a month plus tax if that tickles your fancy till the Fall box.

I see myself getting blasted for this post, lol.


*Beeju does not subscribe to Sample Society


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