Little Bag Back Haul – Guest Review #2!

Here’s another guest Little Black Bag Review!



Ettika Turquoise Chain Link Bracelet

It honestly took me about 30 minutes of fiddling with the clasp to get the silly thing on my wrist. Thankfully I’ve gotten better at it since then. I love the colors, and it feels nice against my skin. I’m not quite sure why the retail value on it is $50, but it’s still a lovely and unique little bracelet nonetheless. Be very careful if you wear it while eating a meal, as the red tassel might wind up taking a dip in your food…


Geranium Gold Spike Drop Earrings

These earrings were absolutely 100% worth getting. They’re very shiny and dangle at juuuust the right length so that they look classy and don’t get stuck in my hair. They’d look great with a t-shirt and jeans, but also fantastic with an elegant dress.


SPL Colored Aviator Sunglasses (Red)
Sadly missing from my box. ;_;



Nicole Richie Tote (x2)

I ordered this bag as a Mother’s Day gift, but wound up getting another one as part of my bundle. I managed to swap the second bag for one of the pairs of aviators (see below). I regretted ditching my extra tote (which had sold out at this point) and managed to trade for another one using a perfume sample, a pair of socks, and a single hair tie. Lucky! I gave my mother her gift as soon as the box arrived and she seemed to really like it. Phew!

The bag itself is a gorgeous bronze color, and the faux leather is insanely soft. The aqua inside contrasts beautifully, but I wish that fabric was a bit smoother. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of the outer pockets is. They’re too narrow and deep to really hold a normal water bottle. Maybe one of those skinny bottled sparkling water drinks? A rolled up magazine perhaps?


SPL Colored Aviator Sunglasses (White)

Okay, so I admit to having a slight sunglasses problem. I loved these sunglasses so much on the website that I just had to have them in all three colors. There was much wheeling and dealing involved, but eventually I managed to trade for all three of them. You can imagine how crushed I was when I found out that the red pair did not come in the shipment it was supposed to. Hopefully LBB customer service will come through and manage to get the red pair to me soon, because the white ones are GORGEOUS. They fit perfectly on my face, and the lenses are the perfect tint. In fact, they might be my new favorite pair.


SPL Colored Aviator Sunglasses (Blue)

Just as great as the white pair! The bright blue color makes them a bit more unique, but they look great with the blue Ettika bracelet and Geranium spike earrings. This pair has blue-gray lenses, while the white pair has brown. Have I mentioned that I love both these pairs of sunglasses yet? Wow.


[Beeju Note: Little Black Bag seems to have a habit of leaving out items because they’re either out of stock or they just generally didn’t pack it. Contact their customer service if this happens to you!]


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