Little Black Bag Haul – Guest Review!

My bestie Dana, whom I have also lured quite viciously into the clutches of the Little Black Bag culture yet who seems to have much more willpower than I do has decided to review her haul! 😀 These thoughts are her own.



All the rage skull bangle

Super shiny, the skull looks ridiculously stupid, it opens and closes easily, but holy shit that skull looks fucking derpy. I think the problem is actually that the skull has no teeth. Probably going to regift it.

20140501_191818 20140501_192025

next up –

the flea market girl skull link bracelet

The bronze color is interesting, but honestly does not look great on my super pale skintone. The skull bead actually looks really detailed and is quite great, but unfortunately it faces sideways when you wear it, so I’m constantly looking at only the side of a very nice looking skull the chain is also a bit thicker than I like, I just feel like it’s a bit on the bulky side for me, especially compared to the rather small skull bead. Had they used a thinner chain, I think would’ve really made the skull pop. Even though I really do like the skull, I don’t think it looks that nice on me. Probably also a regift.



Okay so you remember those Geranium yarn wrapped hoop earrings that everybody got free?
I did not expect much out of them. They’re actually pretty cute though. Very delicate looking. I’d even go so far as to say that I quite like them and could see myself wearing them from time to time.



Ooookay now for the SPL Studded Wayfarer sunglasses


Given the price, I was honestly expecting them to be a cheap pair of junky sunglasses. They’re pleasantly sturdy and fit very comfortably on my face. The lenses are very dark, at least compared to what I’m used to. The studs actually are pretty small and not goofy looking at all. Overall, better than I expected, but nothing amazing.


Last but not least, the Marc New York white aviators
This was the item I was looking forward to the most in the box that I got today. They look absolutely gorgeous. The lenses also seem to be quite dark, but less so than the SPL pair. They’re a large pair of aviators, but I actually enjoy how they look on me. However, they actually fit rather loose on me, which I found strange give that I have a ginormous head. The frames do not get tangled in my hair, which absolutely thrilled me. Normally with thin frames my curls just will not let go. Totally worth the money I spent on them.


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