Little Black Bag Haul – May 2014

Disclaimer: This contains a referral link.

Sooooo if you’ve been keeping up you know that Little Black Bag is merging with fashion site Pose, and as a result is getting rid of everything they own. It just happens that everything they own is designer. It also happens that they’re all incredibly cheap. I took much advantage.



This post is going to be incredibly photo intensive, so as a courtesy, hit the read more.

open box openbox2

I can’t tell you why one box is the classic white and the other is just a plain box even though they both were the same size. That was concerning as well considering I got a rather large scale tote bag and since there are reports that some of the “Last one” items are going out of stock before being shipped, I was a bit worried. I’m happy to report that everything is here and accounted for!


This is ‘mostly’ what I got in my boxes. I’m quickly learning that regardless of what I buy, my mother will get first dibs. There are a few things missing simply because she went gangbusters on the boxes the second I opened them.


Nicole Richie Tote – Retail $35.00 – My Cost – 8$

This tote surprised me. At first I didn’t like it, thinking it looked cheap plus LBB was giving the things away like water, so it wasn’t like they were difficult to get. I had six at one time before I traded them away. This is the one thing my mother stole; the leather itself is SO SOFT. It has no leather smell, two pockets on the outside, two pockets on the inside, it’s large, it’s lightweight, it’s literally a wonderful little tote.

Plus look at that liner,


The color is actually a metallic blue, though my photo clearly botched this and made the only truly visible thing the silica pack. Sheesh. I fully expected this bag to be bulky, stiff and smell like a horse. I was pleasantly surprised and now I’m trying to trade for another for myself… c’mon guys work with me here.


Nicole Richie Eau de Parfum – Value $0.00

I have two complaints about this sample.

1. The pump wouldn’t work so I literally had to break it to even see what it smelled like.

If you’re very sensitive to smells, I’d recommend not getting this sample. It’s incredibly strong and while it’s not a terrible scent, it’s absolutely meant for night time wear.


cali2 cali


BH Cosmetics California Collection Palette – Retail Value $0.00

This same palette was recently in a subscription box (I think birchbox? maybe ipsy?). I’m fairly neutral to it, but I probably won’t use it. I like how the lid is magnetic.

lipglosspal lipglosspal2

BH Cosmetics 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette – Retail Value: $19.00 – My Cost: $12

The first thing that surprised me was the size of the palette. It’s actually quite small and there’s not a lot in these little cups. I’m not sure exactly why I expected this thing to be gigantic. I love it though, it’s so creamy. This thing is meant to be more of a sample palette rather than a keep-me-forever thing.


NYX Color Lip Balm – Retail: $3.00 – My Cost: $0.00

I had the last one of this item and I managed to get the color “Arigato,” which is an orangey/coral/copper. I know that makes no sense whatsoever but I’m a huge fan of NYX cosmetics and this is a color I don’t have. In fact I think it’s probably discontinued since NYX changed their packaging.


Archipelago Botanicals – Positano Travel Candle – Retail: $10.00 – My Cost: $0.00

I should probably mention by now that I got this candle, the eye shadow sample and the nicole perfume as a freebie for opening a new bag on LBB. This is incredibly fragrant and it has the scents of “White Nectarine, Persimmon, and Pomegranate,” and holy mojito this sucker doesn’t need lit. Just set it out opened, this tiny little tin will clear a room in 10 seconds.



Madison Reed Shampoo and Conditioner 1oz sample – Retail Value: $8.00 – My Cost: $0.00

This was a sample I got for opening a bag again, and it comes with a coupon code for a free box on madison reed. Madison Reed for those who don’t know, offers a hair color subscription service where it will send a color of your choice every 3 months or so. I’ve been wanting to try MR but couldn’t willingly justify the cost of around 25$ a box (I die inside every time I pay $11 a box for John Freida) so I eventually traded around so I could get 3 boxes. I absolutely hate the scent. It’s so medicinal and minty, it literally smells like hydrocortizone cream. Here’s hoping they honor all of those codes.

hairtye hairtye2

NazNaz Accessories Chevron Hair Tie Set – Retail $18.00 – My Cost: $4

Can someone explain to me why these are 18$? Why are the Jolie ones like $28? Are these the holy grail of hair ties? Either way I’ve never had any before and I instantly loved them to the point I added two more sets to my current bag. They’re really cute and all but not justify a 18$ price tag.


S.P.L Studded Wayfarers – Retail: $36.00 – My Cost: $5

This is another one I wonder why it’s retail value is so high. They’re plastic sunglasses. The design is adorable and I actually genuinely love them but $36? I wouldn’t pay that if I saw them in a store. Luckily that’s why we had LBB. They’re incredibly lightweight and they’re actually fairly sturdy, but one good sit or step on them and they’ll snap in half. I also quite like the lenses, they don’t change the color of every single thing and just darken.

scarf scarf2

Cejon Leopard Print Scarf and Gloves – Retail: $42.00 – My Cost: $12

I got lucky on this. These things sold out quick when they went on sale. One thing the website didn’t do well is talk about how sparkly the scarf actually was. It’s made so well, I almost can’t wait for Winter. The gloves are text gloves too, but I guess I’m just hardcore because I’d rather let my hand freeze than use gloves to text.

Then again I rarely get texted. Hah. I originally was considering gifting this but I actually really love it myself so now I need it to not be near Summer.


K.Kreative Chain Friendship Bracelet – Retail: $14.00 – My Cost: Trade

Today in the “I didn’t know that was this color,” segment, this friendship bracelet that’s apparently made with green and purple yarn when it looked blue on the site. The only complaint I have is it’s a little on the small side. I’ll need an extender but I think I’m just going to gift this to a young lady with a birthday coming up. I like it and all, but after getting it I don’t think I’m in the demographic for this item.


ETTIKA Chain Link Bracelet – Retail: $50.00 – My Cost: $15.00

I lusted over this. I pined for this. I was desperate for this bracelet only to learn it doesn’t fit my gargantuan wrists. I also couldn’t get it to actually wrap right, or what’s considered wrap to me. It’s ridiculously heavy as well. I quite like the bracelet but I need an extender to wear it. Ahhhh decisions!


Lydell NYC Stone Bracelet – Retail Value: $26.00 – My Cost – $9

There’s a problem with the pictures on the LBB site, or it could be my wrists, but the LBB manikins make every single thing look absolutely gigantic. Literally, the stone is around a half inch wide but it looks two inches on the manikin. I was so happy when I got this… it fit! Yay! It’s magnetic! Yay! It’s unscratched, unbroken, clean, heavy as heck and beautiful! yay! It’s a keeper.


Lolita Jewelry Leaf Drop Necklace – Retail: $28.00 – My Cost – $8

The first thing I said when I pulled this out of the box was, “…. christ this is short.” The second thing, “this is very costumey.” The third, “yeah this looks cheap.”

I actually quite like the chain and the beaded detail is a nice touch, but it’s closer to 14 inches long. The stone itself is pretty but the leaf decal above it is clearly molded from a mold that has long outlived it’s prime. It’s very costume jewelry. If that was high quality, it would make this necklace 400% better. This is another piece that makes me wonder why it’s $28. I’m sure Lolita has nicer pieces, this clearly just suffered from quality control.


Me Too Bow and Rose Earring Set – Retail Value: $15.00 – My Cost: $8

Oh look an item that was actually the appropriate retail value for the quality. I bought these specifically for my cousin for her birthday because I lack pierced ears, but if I did have pierced ears, I would be over the moon because these are absolutely adorable. I want to wear the rose ones.

deuxlux (2) deuxlux deuxlux3


Deux Lux Twinkle Star Clutch – Retail Value: $93.00 – My Cost: Trade

I admit it. I have a love affair with Deux Lux and I can’t remember what exactly I traded to get this clutch but I have loved it since the second I pulled it out of the bag. I did have massive issues with the zipper though, it’s like it gets stuck, almost like it’s rusted and needs oil. Truly I’m thrilled, the material seems iridescent underneath the studs, and it’s a heavy mofo. I’m not sure when I’d ever use it because to be honest I intended on it being a makeup bag but it’s a bit too nice for that. I’ve got a wedding coming up where I’m stuck being a bridesmaid, maybe this works. I don’t know that I’d pay $93 for it, but I’d easily drop that on some of their other pieces. Again while I don’t remember what I traded to get this, I do remember I put that same trade on all the Deux Lux items and this is what I got stuck with, lol. Yolo.

pennysue pennysue2 pennysue3

Penny Sue Florence Foldable Tote – Retail Value $89.00 – My Cost – Trade

I remember the moment I got this. I had been stuck with a Steven Madden neon stripe clutch for days. I desperately wanted a Penny Sue, but I never had the right ante. Through some stroke of luck I managed to get this bag in blue and traded for the yellow almost instantly. This is why I got worried, the size of this tote is ridiculously large but the size of the box it shipped in was rather small. I didn’t make the connection: FOLDABLE. It won’t stand up on its own, it’s very lightweight and very good for a shopping trip. I adored the presentation when it came out of the box too, A+.


I spent around $100 total and by the time I traded I had absolutely no originals in my bag except for the Nicole tote. My total retail value ended up being $364. I’m thrilled with everything except for select pieces of jewelry and my first (second? does a 1 item bag count?) and I know I’ll use the majority of it. I’ve apparently started collecting handbags and I use like one a year. Sheesh. I would expect some of this to possibly end up on a swap site soon.

I’ve got another bag coming too.

I’m glad this website is going down, this has been murder on my funds, though the thrill has been incredibly entertaining.

You can still get in on the action by clicking here, but be warned that they merge on the 4th so the trading will end. They still have some adorable jewelry left and they’re adding a random handbag every now and then, so it’s still worth a shot.




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