Skoshbox – May 2014 Review

Guessssss what showed up in April when it’s supposed to be for Maaaaaay!

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$12 a Month – Free Shipping!
– Ships last few days of month, is typically a month early. Incredibly punctual.


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I was a little confused when I got my shipping update on the 24th. “Skoshbox has shipped? ???? but I got mine…??” These guys don’t play games. The boxes come from Hawaii, and the box is tiny enough to fit in the mailbox.

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Each box comes with an info card with ingredient listings and translations, which is a good thing because there was one item in here that looked like gummies but smelled like chloroform and THAT would have been a mighty dangerous decision.

photo 1(1)

I died laughing when I saw the derpy giraffe, no joke.

Included in this box is:

Roanne Vanilla Wafers
Tamago Boro Cookies
Dried Ume
Mizore Dama
Friend Senbei
Yocchan Cut Squid
Oreo Raspberry
Bourbon Lumonde Cookies

Let’s get started with the breakdown.

photo 5(1) photo 1(2)

Tamago Boro Cookies – 3 out of 5

These looked a lot like oyster crackers but they had a pop in your mouth incredibly reminiscent of meringue. They were made of potato but they tasted incredibly sweet. It was pleasant but the sudden change in texture could be off putting at times. Good tho.

photo 3

Oreo Raspberry – A Japan Exclusive! 1 out of 5

There’s been a lot of talk and advertisements about Oreo and their different flavors lately. They’ve been mixing their filling with cookie dough, fruit punch, birthday cake flavors, etc, but this little abomination takes it way too far. It had no oreo flavor whatsoever and had such a horribly artificial raspberry taste that I drown my entire palate in diet pepsi. I love the concept of these bars but this execution was awful.

photo 5

Roanne Vanilla Wafers – 4 out of 5

These were actually delicious and I loved how thin they were. They had a habit of chipping but the filling inside was just delicious (if you can believe there was filling inside that anyway). More of these plx.

photo 3(2)

Mizore Dama Hard Candy (Orange) – 5 out of 5

I want more of these. So many more. The only problem was they’re incredibly huge for what’s intended to be a hard candy but they’re so silk it’s almost like your tongue is dancing on velvet. Easily the best thing in the box. It tasted just like a creamsicle.

photo 2(2) photo 1

Boubon Lumonde Cookies – 3 out of 5

These weren’t bad cookies, they just flaked absolutely everywhere. They were a bit bland but overall not bad. I just wish you didn’t need a bib to eat them.

photo 4(2)

Yocchan Cut Squid – NOPE

This stuff looks just like fruit roll up, but it’s seafood. It’s a squid disguised like a candy. Can you imagine how that smells? This one tiny package cleared out our entire office. Seems like you can count on skoskbox to send something seafood related with the ability to take out a horse in a single strike.

photo 4

Dried Ume

That’s a pickled plum. I personally hate plums and I’m not sure pickling it would make it more appealing to me. I didn’t try it, and my co-workers weren’t daring enough to assist me.

photo 2

Bubble Gum – 5 out of 5

One of the best things in the box was the simplest. You got four little balls in this teeeeeeny little box. Clearly I got grape flavor but they had several different versions. I’d love to order a whole case of this but “bubble gum” is incredibly broad and I’m sure I wouldn’t have any luck finding them. They didn’t last long but they were really, really good.


Overall Score: 3 out of 5

Skoshbox can be a hit or miss, you certainly need an open mind and a welcoming palate (I have neither if you hadn’t guessed), and while most of the snacks aren’t for me, I’m sure they’re well loved in Japan. I managed the miss the photo of the now gone Fried Senbei, but they were actually fairly decent. I just wish they hadn’t drenched them in soy sauce.

Ah well, how’d you guys like your boxes?


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