Little Black Bag – Get it while you can!

Disclaimer: This post contains one referral link, marked at the bottom. A link not using referral codes is also marked.

Little Black Bag is a fashion site where you trade an item you have for an item you want. It’s incredibly confusing, but it’s worth learning because the site itself is going through a huge transition in the next week or so, which will completely revamp the entire premise of the site. You won’t be able to get these deals once the Pose merger takes place, as the site will turn into more of a “High End E-bay,” where you can trade things out of your own closet in addition to what they peddle. Get them while you can!

These have been the past deals:

Handbags $10
Most Jewelry $3
All Shoes $10
Watches $5
Sunglasses $3

The new deals happen at 10AM PST (seems like everyday unless the banner ad gives a set day), and sometimes flash sales happen at 5PM PST.

Little Black Bag features designer brands like Ivanka Trump, ETTIKA, Marc, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, etc.  Today the deal is get “4 Presents in your opening bag!”

Basically what you do is pick one item, hit bundle, and you’ll get 4 VIP Freebies to go along with it. The freebies currently have a set theme, such as jewelry from Lolita, Geranium, Socks from Lemon, Candles, BH Cosmetics, and in many bags, this discounted tote from Nicole Richie, but you can choose to open your bundle with that tote while it’s still available. You can also wait until tomorrow for a new deal. It seems as though they’re going through sections where they put everything in one section on sale. It may take awhile to get the exact item you want but with a lot of patience you’ll get there. Seriously go! In a week or two I’ll have three hauls to showcase. It took me 4 days to get the exact tote I wanted.

You can use my referral link if you choose, I’ll get a freebie and you’ll get a coupon, but if you choose not to, click here to go to the site referral code free!


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