Oh, FedEx.

Have I mentioned my great disdain for FedEx yet? There’s a handful of reasons why I dislike them but here’s two screw-ups in recent memory:

1. Lost my Christmas Tree.
2. Left a package on the side of the very busy highway. Near a mailbox. During a rain storm. No where near my home or where they usually drop boxes off.

Luckily that box was just Pocky but if it had been say, an iPad or some other expensive electronic, and it suffered the same fate as my Christmas tree, then we would have had some serious issues.  Did I mention that my Christmas Tree was “removed from the truck by an unknown individual” ? because that’s totally what I was told. I never did get that 10$ back.

Then there’s the matter of this little problem:


My packages LOVE Grove City Ohio. I mean, love it. They love it so much they visit multiple times. This isn’t something exclusive to what happens to be my POPSugar box either, but if I order ANYTHING that utilizes FedEx, it will constantly be rerouted back to Grove City before finally getting it’s junk together and getting in the right direction. I avoid ordering from Torrid, a website I love dearly, because my packages will constantly juggle between Grove City, OH and Ashland, KY. I once had a shirt stuck in distribution center limbo until I called to find out what the heck was happening, and then it finally stopped getting routed the next day. That shirt was delivered two weeks past the estimated delivery date. The sad part of this story is that most of the boxes I sub to utilize FedEx. I shall be a sad panda as I wait on my tracking numbers, then watch as my purchases live on random FedEx trucks, all while traveling the lonely roads of what I can assume is a lovely place named Grove City.

I also think I’m the last person on the planet to get their birchbox, but that’s a rant for another day. Hopefully I’ll get the POPSugar box and get to review it before April ends.


One thought on “Oh, FedEx.

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