Coupons & Learning Curves

I kept telling myself, “Beeju don’t do it, don’t order Orange Glad,” and it’s not because I don’t want the box, on the contrary, I do, but their billing cycle just suggests that it’s better to wait till the end of the month to subscribe, unless you enjoy being charged twice before getting your box.  I was on the fence for ages with this box, but I finally went for it when I discovered the coupon code ORANGE10 from ramblingsofasuburbanmom. This coupon makes your first box 10$, down from the regular 21-24$ price tag. I’m probably going to treat it like the POPSugar box and only order the one month; it’s getting hot here in WV and chocolate will melt.

I like chocolate. Orange Glad is a box that sends bakery style snacks. I imagine most of those snacks wouldn’t hold up in hot weather.


I found a coupon code (which is quickly becoming the only way I’ll sign up for anything) for Little Black Bag and promptly used it, buuuut I think I got stuck in a weird learning curve because all the other bags I viewed had 40+ items and mine had 1. I bought a gorgeous bag, but did not want to swap for it. I have a feeling that’s how you get the multiple items, you swap and swap until you accumulate a ton of items. I did sign up for their VIP program but this is another one I probably won’t use much. There’s only so many items of theirs I actually liked… I lean more towards glittery, and they lean more towards designer.

My bag had 1 bag in it. Literally. I’m supposed to get VIP freebies though so here’s hoping!

I may have missed the cut off for the April Taste for Sweets box. It operates a big like Orange Glad where if you order on the first, when the cut off was the 30th, you’ll still get billed but you’ll be missing a box. I really dislike this business model. :/

Ah well, here’s to more boxes coming soon!


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